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USB relay card - Relaismatrix x64

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  • 64 relays organized as 8x 1:8 multiplexer
    through external wiring flexible usage, for example: 8x8 matrix
  • max. switching voltage: 125VAC/60VDC
  • max switching current: 1ADC at 30VDC ; 0,3A at 125VAC
  • max. settling time: <10ms
  • power supply: external 5V or over USB(only for testing purposes)
  • USB und JTAG-interface
  • USB-control through virtual COM-port (FTDI-Chip)
    with Hyperterminal,LabView, minicom a.o.
  • device driver for Windows and Linux
  • KiCad project
  • cascadable up to 256 relays and more


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matrix_circuit: Relaismatrix x64 (8x8): Schaltung als Matrix

version with 3HE front:
Relaismatrix x64 (8x8): mit 3HE Front

Documentation and application notes: